Nothing is more important than your child's education – at Umhlanga College we put it first

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Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular is a huge part of any child's education as it teaches them team work

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Values & Ethics

Good morals and values are an important step to being a good ambassador to any school

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A warm welcome to Umhlanga College – a world class independent Christian school that treasures its past, values its present and looks forward with anticipation to its future.

Umhlanga College opened its doors in 2003 and since then has grown rapidly to its present number of 550 pupils spread across our Play Group, Pre-School, Foundation and Intermediate Phases. In 2013 the school opened its High School phase owing to the ongoing demands of the local residential and school community.




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Term Dates 2014

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Sports Results

Umhlanga College Sports Results 1sept – 7 sept

Headmaster’s Voice – 10 September

NEWS 16 In my newsletter this week : What a week! Remedial Support Tree-in-a-Can Campus security Summer Uniform Well done! What a fortnight it has been, but what a fabulous sense of urgency and vitality exists within the School at […]